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Course Credit/Assessment

Week 1 - DI and UbD – The Basics
1.1 What to Expect
1.2 Participant Introduction
1.3 Introduction to Differentiated Instruction (DI)
1.4 Introduction to Understanding by Design (UbD)
1.5 Sample DI and UbD Activity
1.6 Applying DI and UbD to a lesson/activity
1.7 Introduction to MassONE

Week Two – DI and UbD – A Deeper Look
2.1 Read four articles about DI and UbD.
2.2 Read sample UbD and DI designed unit.
2.3 Read, reflect, and reply.
2.4 View video on assessment for understanding.
2.5 Forum reflection.

Week Three – DI and UbD – Case Study
3.1 Case study.
3.2 Read, reflect and reply.
3.3 Choose a curriculum-based activity to use for project
3.4 Lesson template

Week Four – DI and UbD – Translating Theory to Action
4.1 Lesson template.
4.2 Using ‘the equalizer’.
4.3 Using a DI evaluation checklist.
4.4 Participants discuss final project.
4.5 Curriculum Mapping: A PowerPoint Introduction
4.6 Discussion of local alignment efforts.

Week Five – Curriculum Mapping
5.1 Read curriculum mapping articles.
5.2 Investigate sample curriculum maps.
5.3 Finish and post DI/UbD lesson/activity.

Week Six – Final Projects
6.1 Respond to two other students lessons.
6.2 Incorporate feedback into lesson/activity.
6.3 In-class lesson/activity presentation.

Week Seven – Sharing Success
7.1 Show Time!
7.2 Dissemination plan discussion.
7.3 Dissemination guide.
7.4 Course credit instructions.