Principles of Curriculum Design

Welcome to the Principles of Curriculum Design. In this course you will learn how to design activities that follow research-based curriculum design principles. It is designed to promote student learning by providing you with face to face and online opportunities to learn, share and discuss appropriate skills and strategies to differentiate instruction to address the varied learning styles of your students.

You will also investigate how the use of curriculum mapping helps you make informed curriculum decisions based on school/district initiatives, local and state frameworks, available resources, and students needs. Each week you will see activities and tasks listed for that week. The first, fourth, and seventh week will be face to face. Weeks two, three, five and six will be online. As you open each week, you will see all of the activities and tasks for the week. Open each task title to see the specifics about the assignment, including web reading links, hands-on activities, reflective writings, and activities to complete. All weekly tasks should be completed by the conclusion of the week. Work at your own pace and email your facilitator at any time if you have questions.

Week One: Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Understanding by Design (UbD)- The Basics
Week Two: DI and UbD – A Deeper Look
Week Three: DI and UbD A Case Study
Week Four: DI and UbD – Translating Theory to Action
Week Five: Curriculum Mapping
Week Six: Final Projects
Week Seven:

Sharing Success