Orange County News Channel


According to Wikipedia, "Orange County Newschnanel (often branded as OC Newschannel and OCN) is a defunct cable channel featuring a rolling news format, serving the Orange County, California region, in the Metropolitan Los Angeles area. OC Newschannel was among the first local-level 24/7 cable news channel, having launched in 1990 by Freedom Communications (the first being the Cablevision-owned News 12 Networks, which all launched in December 1986]. As early as 1992, the cable channel began producing news for KTLA (which would eventually attempt to rival the cable channel in its home county of 600,000 residents). The cable station was purchased by Adelphia Cable in 1999, and continued to operate it, though struggled with decreasing profits and ad revenue until its closure in 2002.

The YouTube Video below shows me directing a "Live" newscast in 2006 during the dark days of "El Ninio." As director I would operate the remote studio cameras, switch, cue the talent and microwave truck and coordinate the video feeds, and graphics. I was also on duty the night that Princess Diana died.