Leadership for the 21st Century: Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Welcome to the Leadership for the 21st Century: Teaching, Learning, and Technology. This course will help school and district administrators provide effective leadership and make informed decisions regarding technology. Participants will: Refine their understanding of how technology can enhance teaching and learning, and envision how it should be used in their own schools; examine the current situation in their schools in relation to their vision, using various forms of information and evidence; design strategies to support the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in their schools; participate in ongoing collegial networks to implement their strategies.

Detailed Menu

Week One: Envisioning Technology Infusion (4 hours face-to-face)
Week Two/Three: 21st Century Skills for Students (9 hours online/in-district)
Week Four: Collecting Data (4 hours face-to-face)
Week Five/Six: Survey and Data Gathering (9 hours online/in-district)
Week Seven: Next steps (4 hours face-to-face)