To help you understand your instructional design philosophy begin by looking at your past.

Can you recall a moment when a discovery helped you to understand something new? Did someone, a friend or a teacher, help you to connect to new knowledge which had previously alluded you? Perhaps a situation or a piece of software created a moment when finally, things began to make sense?

I'd like you to write about that feeling. The joy of discovery that caused a profound change in you. Describe the events leading up to your discovery and how that person or situation helped you to connect the pieces. What was the catalyst? Why was "it" the right input at the right time?

Once you have described the situation I would like you to analyze what it was about that particular activity that lead toward understanding. What caused that "aha!" This reflective exercise (thinking about your own thinking) should be grounded in educational theory.

Finally, once you have posted your story I would like you to read at least 3 other postings. How are the experiences your classmates described similar or different than your own? Reply to at least one posting and summarize the teaching or learning model that you think best matches their story.

Post your thoughts to the "I remember when . . ." discussion thread.