Understanding School Finance Fall 2005
Instructor: David Tobin (tobin@tci.org)

Understanding School Finance Online will help school administrators effectively develop and manage financial budgets in an organized, understandable, useful and systemic manner by exploring revenue sources both in state aid calculations and municipal efforts and by improving administrators skills in locating information and in presenting and defending a school district budget to others.


  1. Understand and communicate to other the requirements and standards of Chapter 70 as they are applied statewide and in specific communities and school districts
  2. Understand or review the concepts and components of Chapter 70 and associated requirements.
  3. Locate and understand school finance information related the current fiscal year’s state budget requirements. Estimate next year’s revenue streams and spending requirements.
  4. Prepare a presentation explaining to others, including the school committee, staff, municipal officials, and community, using information that is readily available to all concerning your school district’s budget information.
  5. Become familiar with the considerable information that is available to you and the general public through the Internet and at the Department of Education and Department of Revenue.


Session 1: Build the Budget Needed

Session 2: Foundation Budget

Session 3: Calculation of Local Spending Requirements

Session 4: Calculation of Chapter 70 State Aid

Session 5: Working with Municipal Official and Community

Locating Sources of Revenue

Working with Municipal Officials

Culminating Activity:

Demonstrate effective understanding of Chapter 70 and its requirement

  1. Develop and presentation to an audience concerning Chapter 70 and its requirements as they are applied in a specific school district.
  2. Make that presentation to an audience and be able articulate in writing your reflections and learning outcomes from that experience for purposes of making future presentations