School-Wide Behavior Support: Module 1 Primary Prevention

A body of knowledge exists that can help us support students in developing the academic and social behaviors that lead to school and community success while also fostering school climates that facilitate collaboration among students, staff and families. This course will review this body of knowledge, outline practical methods for bringing behavioral research to practice and provide direct technical assistance to participants in creating effective school- wide behavior support plans for their high schools.

This course will cover the scope and sequence of school-wide positive behavior supports that are the foundation for understanding and applying this pro-active systems approach for helping school professionals in increasing appropriate student social and academic behaviors. An emphasis will be placed on employing and evaluating empirically supported practices in applied settings.


1. Explore and become fluent in the content and specific research- based strategies in the areas of school-wide behavior support.
2. Learn and apply the practical skills for developing and maintaining a positive and productive learning environment.
3. Gain hope that as a professional, participants can facilitate healthy individual student development and prevent problems at a variety of levels from individual students to an entire school.